Timeline Tuzla

May 3, 2012

An uneasy truce between recuperating IRA assassin Declan Rath and scarred ex- SAS soldier Spider’ Webb, both suffering from possible psychological damage, adds to the spiralling tension as a Tuzla-bound convoy battles through war-tom Bosnia to bring aid to the beleaguered city. Targeted for destruction by Croatian Military Intelligence and Serbian paramilitaries, the convoy,unwitting carrier of smuggled arms, is prey to all sides.

Duplicitous in the extreme Roy Cheatham, the head of the convoy organisation plays his own dangerous game. Prepared to jeopardise the lives of his drivers, while attempting a high-risk double cross against his erstwhile partners, his allegiance is for sale to the highest bidder.

Colonel Paroski, head of Croatian Military Intelligence, is tasked with the destruction of the convoy en route through Bosnia and is the nemesis of all those committed to its survival and, in particular, of Dennis Crowther. The devils, which haunt Crowther, drive the paedophile into the hands of those ruthless enough to use his weaknesses for their own ends. Life is cheap on the Run and Crowther’s is considered cheaper than most.

Calum McDermot, young and naive, has betrayed others in the movement and seeks to escape the long arm of the IRA which he knows is already reaching out to reclaim its own and avenge betrayal.

The action explodes against the ravaged Balkan terrain where conflict is inflamed by the internecine hatred of centuries. The inhospitable landscape provides its own challenges to men who, facing attack from artillery and snipers, must also confront the private fears that caused them to join the Tuzla Run. The treacherous mountain tracks and raging river torrents combine in a roller coaster ride which tests even the most experienced drivers amongst those both brave and foolhardy enough to join the UN relief convoys.

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