In 1897 the cry “Gold!” resounds in the Yukon and reverberates round the world, promising riches for many but realizing the dreams of only a few. The yellow metal’s siren call lures hopefuls from crowded cities and barren farmsteads, cajoling them, naïve, unprepared and ill-equipped, to cross the harsh wilderness of the Canadian North-West. Many will succumb to brutal, implacable Nature. Those who survive to seek fortunes, will discover that desire alone does not ensure success.This is Fergal’s story, orphaned in the turmoil of Irish dispossession, growing to manhood among his enemies, then forced to flee. It is the saga of his abandoned love Aileen who, despite her pregnancy, tries to follow him to Canada. It chronicles the life and times of Nicholas Craven, ill-suited for life as scion of an aristocratic family. All have been affected by life at Haddington Hall and their lives and fate are inextricably entwined. To survive they must face rigours as fierce as the torrents that shred the flesh of the unfortunates who drown in the Yukon waters.

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