Even readers like myself who don’t seek out action thrillers will love this book about a convoy making a dangerous run through war-torn Bosnia. There’s excitement enough for anyone, right from the beginning, but the focus on the intriguing characters adds great dimension to the story of a dangerous episode I, for one, had never given much thought to.

Davidson’s personal experience allows him to weave a compelling tale that pulls us into the action and confronts us with a cast of characters that most of us would take pains to avoid in real life. And he has the skill to draw from us a grudging respect for some of those characters.
But not all. Oh, definitely not all! We’re gripped by the tension between the two major players, and this dynamic does not fail us to the very end . . . which I loved!

Wendy Bertsch, Author of Once More…From the Beginning and Dodging Shells


The Tuzla Run reads like an action movie. I felt and could see the characters loading weapons, firing shots, and tumbling down mountains. The masculine swagger of some of the characters reminded me of James Bond and there is an Ian Fleming-like pace that flings the reader from place to place, scene to scene and action to action. I was truly afraid many times as I read, and when I breathed a sigh of relief, I found I had been holding my breath. This novel is sure to please the reader with its tight plot and colorful characters.

Annmarie Banks, Author of The Hermetica of Elysium

This is the sort of thriller that you start reading on the tube and suddenly find yourself at Morden; then you think ‘oh blow work’, get off the train and find a coffee shop to carry on reading. Smashing stuff. Ceeds

Carole Dance Author of Joe’s Nan

I recommend this book wholeheartedly to anyone who enjoys realistic, timely, suspense-filled drama that is populated with highly believable scenes and characters. I’ve grown extremely fond of Declan and Spider and wish I knew them personally. In addition to being a fast-paced thriller, The Tuzla Run can definitely be described as a true work of literary fiction. It is an excellent read and well worth coming back to over and over. This is a riveting, poignant story that ought to be made into a sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat movie.

Judy Adams Author of The Existence Game


Robert Davidson’s great novel, in the tradition of Tom Clancy, throws a mis-begotten group of adventurers, assassins, ex-military and oddballs at the morass of war-torn Bosnia. Their task? To drive a unarmed UN convoy carrying relief supplies through the ragged countryside, on impassable roads with well-armed enemies behind every bush and bombed-out building.

The author’s mastery of description and use of detail jams the reader into a passenger seat, for the duration. I hung on for dear life, as the tension built through several narrow escapes. The lies and bullets are flying from every direction. Their cargo carries more than just aid for embattled Bosnians, but the secret remains hidden. While unexpected friendships of expedience, forged in the din of battle and shared danger, evolve; the grotesque nature of the Balkan conflict is laid bare. A collection of misshapen, twisted puzzle pieces with no simple solution.

The Tuzla Run is a rousing read with no disappointments right through to a perfect ending. If you love suspense with an historic edge, this’ll keep you in your chair, from cover to cover. I look forward to his next, anxiously.

Richard Sutton “Novelist, Musician, Grandfather” (LI, NY USA) Author of The Red Gate


Davidson’s descriptive details of the various geographic areas, and the war damage in the Tuzla region, come across as personal experience rather than research. Once I started the story I found it hard not to keep reading the next page and the next and so on, even at the risk of lost sleep.
The author has produced an exciting story in the mould of the traditional `journey’ style of story telling, coupled with credible heroic and cowardly characters. It seems to me that The Tuzla Run is tailor made for an action movie.

Geoff Woodland Author of The Ice King


Few novels offer what The Tuzla Run does: a potent combination of real-life adventure in a beautiful and exotic (to an American, at least) location; strong, believable characters; and obvious knowledge about a tragic, complex, and fascinating episode in recent history.
When I bought this book, I knew little about the Bosnian civil war. After finishing it tonight, I have a sharp understanding of the religious and political factions that tore the former Yugoslavia apart in the 1990s. It’s as if I’ve been there… riding perilous roads with an international convoy on its mission of mercy. Flying low in a chopper along the coast. Inhaling the smoke and dust and grit of war. Getting to know two sworn-enemy colleagues, Spider and Rath, who inhabit the center of the story.
This is a powerful, well-written book. I’m glad I had the opportunity to read it, and I heartily recommend it to others.

Martha Marks (Santa Fe, New Mexico) Author of The Rubies of the Viper


This kind of modern war-cum-thriller type of book is not the kind of book I would have automatically picked up, however, it was recommended to me, so i bought it. I am glad I did. It is a well written, well researched, intriguing story from start to finish. The plot twists and turns and holds your attention to the end. The characters are for the most part “baddies”, but Robert Davidson does that remarkable thing, which all good authors can do, he makes us want to know what happens to them. This is well worth the read and brings a difficult and complicated period in recent European history to life for the reader in a thrilling and totally credible way.

Marianne Wheelagan Author of The Blue Suitcase


It’s hard to do a review for a book without giving away any of the plot.
All I can say is that the author captures the readers imagination right from the start.
Great pace and very clever plotline makes this a must read.
Very happy to give the author and this thrilling story a thumbs up.

Mel Comley (France) Author of Impeding Justice

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