The Sequel to THE TUZLA RUN


In this novel of conspiracy and terrorism a dark presence from Robert Davidson’s previous novel The Tuzla Run dominates centre stage. Liam MacDermot is fostered in the violent embrace of revolt and matures to become an iconic lynch pin in the IRA’s fight against the British State for an independent North. With killing skills, forged in the cauldron of an underground war, tempered and honed in action he becomes too ruthless even for his comrades in arms. He deviates only to pursue his vendetta against ex IRA hitman Declan Rath and Spider Webb a former SAS soldier. His psychotic obsession with wholesale but clinical savagery may prove to be his undoing, but he is the nemesis for many, bringing death to innocents in his belief only blood spilled can nurture victory. MI5 joins forces with Webb and Rath as tensions spiral in this conflict of psychopathic savagery versus law and order. Elusive, with no visible footprint, despite his known involvement in several atrocities, The Man From Armagh will be their most deadly enemy and threatens to be unstoppable.

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